Strategy Design

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The business model of strategic consulting, management and professional services has not changed much at all over time: it has not significantly evolved, and more importantly there is very little innovation in the methods and in the business models applied. Against this, though, everything we interact with on a daily basishas changed a great deal – new technology, new business processes and more customer-integrated revolutionary models are part of our routine and improve our lives through user-friendly, engaging and advanced experiences. The challenge to the world of consulting – which needs to tackle it head on – is that of radical change, reinventing a model with a completely new, revolutionary proposal for added value which, by using non-conventional methods and tools can once again provide real strategic value for the customer. Which is how the use of design and planning can become fundamental for corporate strategy, innovation and organisation, rethinking and reformulating concepts. In the corporate world, design thinking is BUSINESS DESIGN, which actually breaks down the application of the standard processes of creative thought and design to business:

  • Creativity and Generating Ideas
  • Co-Creation
  • Constant Concepts
  • Testing and Repeating
  • Displaying and Prototyping Innovation

If we refer more directly to the strategic aspects, to all intents and purposes we have DESIGN STRATEGY. Extending the typical logics of design outside the classic field of products creates a new craft and a new consulting approach that uses design to resolve extraordinarily complex problems, engaging with customers each step of the way. A strategy can be more easily conceived and introduced into a company where there is an ongoing interaction process with all stakeholders and decision makers; this strategic tool positively leverages the experiences of the users, rather than leaving only the strategist or CEO to define the problem and seek the best solution to put to corporate management. “DEMO or DIE” is the catchphrase of companies that use prototyping techniques to implement a strategy through pragmatic behaviour following a target to reach. Planning and design therefore become a fundamental tool and underlying factor of thought and of the strategic skill set, fostering innovative and advanced business models. From the outset, this new strategic consulting model is based on the total, constant involvement of the customer’s team each step of the way – from generating the concept through to applying the strategy, through creativity and non-conventional processes. The FORTYTWO team in Italy offers a new, design-based strategic and innovative consulting model, backed by creativity and engaging, revolutionary processes, accompanying our customers on an intense and highly creative journey through to complete execution of the strategy.