FORTYTWO joins Le Village by CA Milan


From January 2019, FORTYTWO is the official partner and enabler of Le Village by Credit Agricole Milan. We will deliver all our strategy & innovation design contents through workshops, mentoring sessions and dedicated programs to the resident companies and Credit Agricole Group management. Le Village by CA is an ecosystem where start-ups, large companies and the Credit Agricole group cooperate to innovate together. Born in Paris in 2014, today it is present with 24 work spaces throughout France and contributes to the economic development of each territory in which it is present, accelerating the development of start-ups and innovation of the most mature companies with which it gets in touch.


Partnership with DISEGNO BRUTTO


FORTYTWO is the official partner of DISEGNO BRUTTO, creating Disegno Brutto in Giacca e Cravatta, the ultimate Design Thinking method dedicated to business, to enhance communication, creativity and innovation. DISEGNO BRUTTO in giacca e cravatta is available now for all the companies that want to speed innovation and creativity processes through 1 or 2 days workshops or full dedicated programs.



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 FORTYTWO, after organizing in March 2016, the first Italian Workshop of BUSINESS INNOVATION by DESIGN with a lot of participants and full success, now is the official partner of BID for Italy, a multidisciplinary framework leading companies to Innovation and growth through Design Thinking process. BUSINESS INNOVATION by Design is built by 24 block and 3 different levels (Thinking, Method and Tools) to lead innovation initiative through all steps to succeed. From now on, also Italian companies and corporates may count on this extraordinary tool.has been selected as a member of MURAL Design Consultant Network. FORTYTWO uses MURAL platform with clients and teams to develop projects, communicate ideas, participate in live workshops, and exchange ideas.

Strategy Design

The business model of strategic consulting, management and professional services has not changed much at all over time: it has not significantly evolved, and more importantly there is very little innovation in the methods and in the business models applied.