Founded in 2011, FORTYTWO is a strategy and design innovation company. We have broken the rules and schemes in the field of strategic consultancy becoming in few years one the more innovative consulting agency.


We think that there is another way to make things, through new engaging and involving visual methods, business and strategy design, design thinking approach and co-creation. We like to focus on tangible results and turns ideas in new businesses.


"Each new vision needs a revolution"
Aleksandr Rodcenko


Staff & Associates


Ugo Mendes Donelli
Innovation & Bus.Mod.

Alessandra Cetti S.
Strategy Design

Alessandro Bonaccorsi
Visual Thinker


Jeffrey Tjendra
Business Design

Stefano Selvini
Lego Serious Play

Jose' Combatt
Business Designer

Tiziano Luccarelli
Business Design

Tjerja Geerts
Partner Netherlands

Daniel Vecino
Neuromarketing & Lean

Giovanni Caruso
Strategy Design

Roland Csongvai
Partner Hungary

Federico Nava
Graphic Designer